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Chewing Gum by monsterzrscary Chewing Gum :iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 1 0 Untitled Drawing by monsterzrscary Untitled Drawing :iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 0 0 Ginger by monsterzrscary Ginger :iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 0 0
Silent Beings
Silence is more than the absence of sound; it’s the immersion of oneself into his surroundings. Silence means feeling the beat of the hearts of the invisible, the flutter of wings and leaves, the swirl of air and the breath of the breeze. It’s the meditation of solitude and peace that need not strike fear into those with paranoid, restless hearts.
A silent man or woman, though perhaps assumed to be deaf and dumb, are often neither, but instead merely more thoughtful than most. To a silent man, speech need only become necessary when he has polished every thought, idea, or remembrance into a simple-to-understand yet valued piece of conversation. If the thought could add no positive, dynamic speech to a conversation, then with silence he will observe and piece together the other participants’ dialogue until a puzzle presents itself with an obvious gap and a cleverly chosen piece.
At that moment, the others may catch a glimpse into the ocean of knowledge he or she co
:iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 1 0
He swam.
On the horizon there was
nothing but sparkling blue.
Below the darkness deepened,
and deepened,
and deepened,
until below was nothing.
But he kept swimming,
To the star at the end, perhaps,
where the sky kissed the sea.
His eyes, like the water,
were filled with nothing,
but icey coolness.
Squalid, unphased,
and automatic,
he swam.
He swam,
far, far from the edge of the cliff
and swam some more.
He swam.
And swam.
he swam.
as the abyss was nothing,
as his eyes felt nothing,
he became nothing.
And he faded down into it;
he faded into the nothing.
:iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 1 0
To Run
When our feet touch the ground,
they cannot hear a sound.
But a rumble they may feel,
and escape they can steal.
To the brain they are slaves,
but to the heart they do listen,
And our feet will take us
to the ones we are missing.
For savior, for sorrow,
to having no tomorrow;
For love, for freedom,
to rebuilding a kingdom;
There be not a distance
nor mountain or stream
that our feet have not the power
to make reality out of dream.
:iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 1 0
Flight by monsterzrscary Flight :iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 0 0 Cosmic Deer by monsterzrscary Cosmic Deer :iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 1 0 Untitled by monsterzrscary Untitled :iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 0 0
Into the Flames-Ch 1 Sample
    I don’t remember what things were like Before. I can’t. Even the eldest people I’ve seen meandering in the streets were only infants Before. I’ve heard stories though. My mother used to tuck me in every night, with a candle flickering by my bed, and fill my malleable little head with fairy tales of days when people didn’t have to run. She told me that once, a long time ago, people could look each other in the eye; that they could shake hands and walk away with nothing in their pockets but what they had prior to, because Before people didn’t have to take.
     And I used to believe her. It was the books. She had a beautiful stash of books. Most of them had yellowed pages that fell apart if I squeezed hard enough with my thumb and forefinger. But the stories were still beautiful. Each page was another adventure that made me spin around and around, wondering why we didn’t go on adventures, swashbuckle with pi
:iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 1 0
Those Dreams
These sheets are cold
and I've lost my drive.
I'll lie and wait.
I dreamt that daisies
and kisses in the breeze
could take it all away.
But now I lay,
shadows creep and
the grey turns my skin icy.
Those dreams,
those dreams that sung
and strummed.
And now the clouds cover the stars
and my hair has been chopped.
The plants have all withered
and dried up in their pots
and a ray of moon light
searches my carpet for life,
over looking what little I have left.
But, oh, those dreams,
those dreams that tasted
of sweet nectar and berries.
Those dreams that filled
the room with a vibration so uplifting,
those dreams that made me
sway in bliss.
I had dreams that
the birds would flit to my window
and wait for me, and in the end
I'd be okay.
So now I lay,
blood thinning,
fingers curling,
and eyes glazing.
And when the moonlight
finally finds me,
I suddenly remember something.
Oh, those dreams,
those dreams,
those dreams were real.
:iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 1 2
Girl on Fire doodle by monsterzrscary Girl on Fire doodle :iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 0 0
A Soldier's Boots
The sun glares in the eyes of the men as they receive their uniforms consisting of cargo pants, jacket, and boots. The boots, newly made and designed to handle all situations, assuredly reflect the sun’s rays off their fresh leather, awaiting the moment they would conquer all challenges. They imagine they can smell their purpose, it seems so close. But in five weeks they are shipped with their soldier to a far away place, hot and dry, with not a clue of what will happen next.
Before these brothers know it, they awaken to the shouts of men before the moon has disappeared and the sun has hidden the stars. A whole nightmare begins as their man shoves them onto his feet, and they run and jump and run again. They were made for running and jumping, “This task doesn’t stand a chance.” And then the yelling spikes, and a new loud invades the silence of night, one so piercing and as powerful as thunder: bullets, the men call them. Bullets cut through the air and chink to
:iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 0 0
Pick at the strings
and sway your head,
and your eyes fill with light
that illuminates my soul
from the inside.
It wells up from within
and vacates my chest
with ecstasy so delicious,
so impossible.
My lips creep
up the side of my cheeks,
and something inside you
feeds me with freedom
deep and green as the eyes
that look to me with bliss
and sparkle with liberation.
Pick at the strings
and you sing to me.
:iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 0 2
Sometimes I swear
Sometimes I swear,
in the back of my mind,
under my breath,
aloud to myself.
I swear to all the people
who can't see their ignorance,
to the fakes who are too proud
to lower their noses,
to all the war that goes on
in friendships, in families,
and in the world.
I curse myself for my mistakes -
careless and without knowledge -
and for the times I miss a step
and scrape my knee.
Sometimes I swear,
and even at the end of the alphabet,
I still feel the same.
:iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 2 2
Winter by monsterzrscary Winter :iconmonsterzrscary:monsterzrscary 5 2


Daria by MartaSyrko Daria :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 2,365 64
Her aorta ensnared
by vines, her capillaries
shrivelling, as flowers
drink up life-energy. Her
nervous system a cave full
of shipwrecks, and her bones
crumbling, like the walls
of a once ancient tomb.
She has to wonder,
What's left
for me
to destroy?
:iconentitaria:Entitaria 17 34
Something for Fun VI by ladyarnwyn Something for Fun VI :iconladyarnwyn:ladyarnwyn 1,441 121 Cat Commission by lindsaycampbell Cat Commission :iconlindsaycampbell:lindsaycampbell 2,968 104 Loving to Hate by daekazu Loving to Hate :icondaekazu:daekazu 2,924 139 Summer time girl by Katikut Summer time girl :iconkatikut:Katikut 2,114 89 everybody hates batman by nebezial everybody hates batman :iconnebezial:nebezial 4,731 870 Eric sitting by sarahstokes Eric sitting :iconsarahstokes:sarahstokes 433 42 A whale by koyamori A whale :iconkoyamori:koyamori 6,338 0 'TIl Death do us part by thefreshdoodle 'TIl Death do us part :iconthefreshdoodle:thefreshdoodle 4,127 692 Pink Elephants by elia-illustration Pink Elephants :iconelia-illustration:elia-illustration 918 30 The Snake by Ali-ly The Snake :iconali-ly:Ali-ly 286 23 Tainted by Voxsi Tainted :iconvoxsi:Voxsi 2,653 258 Happy Valentin's Day by xXxDarkSunsetxXx Happy Valentin's Day :iconxxxdarksunsetxxx:xXxDarkSunsetxXx 498 40 One Day, Every Day... by Qinni One Day, Every Day... :iconqinni:Qinni 10,735 357 June by laurakashmir June :iconlaurakashmir:laurakashmir 364 40




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Ariel LaPlante
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
My Bucket List So Far
-Go to Paris
-See Chicago on broadway
-Paint a mural
-Fall head over heels in love DONE
-Publish a piece of literature
-Get over my fear of deep water
-Stay as far away from deep water as humanly possible
-Save a life
-Climb a mountain
-Have a family
-Tell someone what for about their ignorance and change their life

Ps Don't let other people's opinions hold you back.



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